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musical theatre appreciation

i love musicals??? so much, and honestly i dont understand how you CANT.

my mom is not a fan of musicals, she thinks the busting out into song thing is weird and stupid but honestly its quiet amazing, because the songs are a way to show emotion, plus, the fact that the actors have to memorize so many songs as well as lines and choreography?? amazing. truly brilliant.

spring awaking, my current obsession. its, B E A U T I F U L.



Hey My Friends

hello, my name is Carson Rae (Carson for short). honestly, i’m a bit confusing, but lets go on.

some things about me;

  • i’m non-binary, i use they/them pronouns, although i’d rather people see me and think, “that’s a guy” rather than “that’s a girl”.
  • i love crime TV, aesthetics, anime as well as the Japanese language (and the Latin language, coffee and tea, indie music and rock/punk/alternative, astrology, magick, musicals, photography, art, and psychology
  • this’ll be about my life, i wont expose this blog to people, i’ll let them find it; i’ll talk a lot about mental health, though, just a warning.


and with that; ill be off, stay safe! xx