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musical theatre appreciation

i love musicals??? so much, and honestly i dont understand how you CANT.

my mom is not a fan of musicals, she thinks the busting out into song thing is weird and stupid but honestly its quiet amazing, because the songs are a way to show emotion, plus, the fact that the actors have to memorize so many songs as well as lines and choreography?? amazing. truly brilliant.

spring awaking, my current obsession. its, B E A U T I F U L.



One thought on “musical theatre appreciation

  1. I love musicals and so does my mom. I love the nature of singing, dancing, and spectacle. I love the emotional side of things, which ranges so much. I grew up on musicals and that world was very different from today. Growing up, I was around all happy musicals the whole time and I was only starting to understand the emotions starting in middle school due to Wicked.

    Now most musicals are happy while all are joyful. I realized that sad musicals actually exist and I am obsessed with Les Mis and that love began with the movie. I realized a side of emotions I never saw before. I already knew about joy, love, excitement, and sad, but never heartbreak. Due to heartbreak being exposed, I found it easier to found negative emotions and dark and serious moments in other musicals

    If you love musicals, I suggest you read my blog.

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